Colette Vauthey, Professeure de piano, Lausanne

Professeure de piano pour les adultes, j’étudie le violoncelle avec Laurentius Cazan depuis plusieurs ans.

C’est un professeur que j’apprécie beaucoup et recommande vivement.

Je trouve chez lui les qualités professionnelles, pédagogiques et humaines que je cherche : rigueur, sérieux, compréhension, patience, ouverture, générosité et humour.

En tant que professeure, apprendre un instrument nouveau, totalement différent du mien, me confronte à nombre de difficultés souvent analogues à celles qui sont rencontrées par mes élèves et donc m’aide à mieux les comprendre et les aider.

C’est également un privilège de suivre les cours d’un autre enseignant. Mon répertoire pédagogique s’en trouve enrichi, élargi.

Moi qui, assise au piano, suis souvent la « cheffe », j’apprends, lors de cours en groupe, à écouter, à mieux m’accorder aux autres élèves.

Et je me découvre une certaine difficulté à compter mes mesures…

Colette Vauthey, Professeure de piano, Lausanne

Mme Clara Guzman, UN, Geneva

Learning the Cello with Laurentius Cazan

Laurentius Cazan teaches at the Conservatory of Music of the Canton de Vaud (West). He is a very gifted musician with great sensibility and musicality.

During the lessons one can feel how these gifts reflect in his teaching and how certain eased relaxation is suddenly felt, making each lesson a very special learning experience.

Laurentius Cazan has combined the art of teaching the cello to young and old in a rather unique style, a very personal way, enjoyed by all. I go to these lessons with great enthusiasm knowing that each time the lessons becomes a new discovery of what this beautiful instrument can give us, how it can surprise us when we realize the extremely powerful and warmth sound of the music being created, as we learn more and more.

I am thrilled with learning the cello through these lessons, and I wish many people could discover the inner beauty and strength of the music brought by the cello thanks to a wonderful teacher and musician, Laurentius Cazan.

Mme Clara Guzman, UN, Geneva

Shruti Muralidhar, EPFL, Lausanne

It came to me like a flash, the fact that I simply must learn to play the cello. I don’t have an iota of western classical music training. I don’t know how to read music or till a couple of years ago – understand the difference between allegro and adagio.

I kept listening to composers though – a varied lot. Once, I heard a piece by YoYo Ma. Intrigued by the sound, I hunted for more and heard Rostropovich. The more I listened, the clearer it became, that I simply must learn how to make the lush, rich, low and delicious sounds.

Laurentius has made everything sound and feel, incredibly easy. Right from the first day, I have not felt any apprehension or doubt as to whether it is a ‘sound’ decision to take up learning such a difficult instrument at such a late point in life. Au contraire, I have always felt compelled to take it up as a challenge and rise up to the bars that my teacher has set for me.  The only frustration I feel is one of my own, when I am not able to make my cello sound like his, when he plays it – high, uninhibited and free.

The few months that he has been my teacher, I have seen in him –  patience, sparkling wit, a firm grasp of the situation and wonderful insight and intuition into all the tiny problems one faces when starting on a new instrument. I hope to continue discovering the cello with him for times to come.

Shruti Muralidhar, EPFL, Lausanne

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